Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday's Seed to Sow

For this weeks' Seed to Sow, I want to introduce you to Mercy Ministries.  This is an amazing biblically based program that works with young women who are looking to be free from issues such as addictions, depression, abuse or who are dealing with unplanned pregnancy.  They work with women from all different types of back grounds between the ages of 13-28.  If you want to learn more about Mercy Ministries and what you can do to help, go HERE.  

This is a perfect opportunity to donate those toiletry, school and baby items you can pick up from CVS and Walgreens this week (see my previous post).  Of course monetary donations are always good too!  Go HERE for a list of locations.

Thanks for giving to someone in need this week!

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  1. My daughter attended a Mercy Ministries home. It was not what it seemed in their promotions. We are a Christian family however the "christianity" promoted and forced upon the girls in the Mercy Ministries homes left a lot to be desired and for the most part was not Biblically based. On top of this, the counselors were not qualified and the staff actively prevented my daughter from contacting us regarding a certain incident that occured at the home, only for us to find out much later. Having done an Internet search on Mercy Ministries it turned up several similar reports from parents and girls who have been involved in their programme. All is not as it seems there and that's very unfortunate as it did sound like a wonderful ministry when we first heard of it.