Thursday, July 30, 2009

Groceries Galore, This Weeks' Totals

Great week for me at Publix!  I also picked up a few things at Kroger that I absolutely was sure would be cheaper there.  I didn't have the kids with me so that made it easy to run in and out of those 2 stores :)

I had to get several full priced dairy items at Publix and still managed to pull off some pretty good savings due to 2 coupons I used.  If you are local to me, watch the Review Appeal closely.  Usually there is a $5/$50 order on the HG Hills ad.  Remember that Publix takes competitors coupons!  This coupon works on the total before using other coupons so be sure to hand it to the cashier first or it won't work when your total drops below $50.  I also just got a $5/$30 coupon in the mail from Publix that I used as well.  Set up your "coupon" email account and sign up for everything- I get coupons in the mail almost daily.

Not a great pic, but you get the idea :)

Here's the breakdown:

(6) Mueller Pasta
(2) Ritz
(2) Wheat Thins
(3) Cheerios
(4) Milkbone for Dog (not included in grocery totals, but got these for $.60 a box)
Plain Yogurt
Cottage Cheese
Sour Cream
(2)Cascade Rinse Aid (free- charity)
Organic Catsup
Dole Juice
(2) Dill Chips
(2) Nature Valley Granola Bars- value packs (48 bars total)
Organic Celery
Total before coupons and deals: $97.72
Total OOP: $29.50
Percentage Saved: 70%

(2)Kroger Cheese
(3) Santa Cruz Lemonades
Cascadian Farm Granola Bars (manager's special + coupon)
(2) Tomato Sauce
Total OOP: $11.66
Total before coupons deals: $25.69
Percentage Saved: 55%


  1. I have a question!
    How much time do you think you spend daily and/or weekly doing coupon stuff? When I had fewer children I was a big couponer (not as big as you, though :o) but once our family grew larger and we really got into homeschooling it became apparent that my time was also worth something and I had to be more intentional about how I spent it. I still use coupons, I just don't take time anymore to match them with sales. I use very few coupons since I'm not getting stuff near free and I'm careful to only use coupons on things we will use. We also have a gluten allergy when means quite a few speciality items. I can't just buy any brand of any thing, I often have to be very specific.

    We won't talk about the logistics of me dragging everyone in and out of the car that many times - ha ha!

    That said, I would *love* to reduce our grocery bill. So I wondering how much time you think you put into it because I know I could more of it than I currently do. Which coupon sites, etc. do you feel would be the most valuable for someone with limited time?

  2. Just browsing through all the great deals via MoneySavingMom's Super Savings Saturday list and I continue to be inspired!! Keep up the good bargain shopping!!