Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CVS Updates & a Getting Started Deal Scenario for Starters!

Go HERE for some updates on CVS deals this week.  I especially LOVE the free photo books.. Christmas presents!!!  I made a trip there today and got some great free school supplies. The sale on the school supplies ends TODAY so be sure to head over there, and remember if they are out of the sale items you can get rain checks so you don't miss out. 

Here is a simple deal idea to get your feet wet at CVS:

1st Transaction
(1) CVS Notebook: $.99, get $.99 ECB's back  (you pay $.99 and get that exact amount back in Extra Care Bucks.. it prints on the bottom of your receipt, making this item FREE!)
(2) CVS Ruler: $1.98, get $1.98 ECB's
(1) CVS Glue: $.99, get $.99 ECB's

Total: $3.96, get $3.96 ECB's back

2nd Transaction:
(1) CVS Scissors: $2.99, get $2.99 ECB's
(1) CVS Glue: $.99, get $.99 ECB's

Total: $3.98 (use $3.96 from previous transaction)
Total OOP: $.02
Get $3.98 ECB's

3rd Transaction:
(3) packs Papermate Pens: $2.97, get $2.97 ECB's
(1) CVS Notebook- $.99, get $.99 ECB's
$.05 filler item (folder)

Total: $4.01 (use $3.98 ECB's from previous transaction)
Total OOP: $.03
Get $3.96 ECB's back

Bottom Line: Total OOP: $4.01, get $3.96 ECB's back!  (meaning you will pay $.05 plus tax for all of the items listed above!)

The reason you do 3 different transactions is so you aren't paying a large amount OOP.  Just divide the items in your cart by orders and if a line starts to form behind you, just move to the back of the line.  If you don't have a CVS Extra Care card, be sure to sign up for one before your transaction starts.

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