Thursday, July 16, 2009

My "One Thing"... and some Special Deals!

Well, since I've started my blog, I haven't mentioned one of my other passions besides frugality, Arbonne.  This business has been a life changing experience for me and of course the botanically based products are beyond amazing.  I have been asked several times how I manage the wide spectrum of "money-saving" blog and promoting "money-spending" on skin care and cosmetics.  For me, I have one thing I won't compromise on and that is skin care (my paycheck more than pays for my Arbonne habit :).  For you, it might be the quality of bedding you sleep on, those fabulous jeans that lift in all the right places, or a favorite hobby.

Strange as it may sound, I actually encourage having one thing you hold on to.  I loooooooooove getting acrylic nails and having them filled every 2 weeks or so, but I knew for us, that $54 a month had to go.  That is a sacrifice I was ok with making in order to keep getting my face wash and makeup.  As a busy mom, having a retreat in my "one thing" is priceless :)  Of course if your retreat is throwing you farther and farther into debt, make the sacrifice and pick something less expensive to fill that need.

If that "one thing" for you is skin care, health or cosmetics, I have a couple money saving deals for you!  They are good through the end of July when you mention my blog!

  1. 50% off EVERYTHING!!  Buy $175 in products, get $175 in products FREE! 
  2. If you are local to me, you will get $50 in FREE products AND 50% off your order just for getting 3-4 friends together for a Brownies and Facials OR Smoky Eye Hollywood Makeover party!  (if you aren't local, contact me if you are interested- we can still do it!)
Email me to take advantage of this special deal!

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