Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Groceries Galore, This Weeks' Totals

So the last few days, I've made a few store trips.  Its just one of those weeks that I needed a lot of things and the deals have been pretty sweet!  If you remember, we have increased our grocery budget to $50 a week so I can spend the summer stock piling all the great deals on produce.  This week, we went $3.14 over budget due to a GREAT deal on cornish hens and an tuna impulse buy at Target.. it was on sale :) Be sure to visit my next post to see how I got 21 lbs of cornish hens for $11.  Because I bought the cornish hens, and I don't want to miss out on the cheap strawberries at Aldi, I will pull from our surplus this month to purchase 7 or 8 lbs of those ($.99/lb).  

If you have set a budget and just can't hang with it every now and then, don't beat yourself up.  I have spent time doing that and its just not worth it!  Look at the big picture.  If you are stockpiling sale items, you are actually helping yourself out in the long run.  Keep your eye set on that low grocery budget goal and work towards it.  As you get a good stockpile going, you will see that its easier to stay within your budget and some weeks you may not have to do much shopping at all! 

Here's the run down:


5 Rice Cakes (manager's special)
Banana's (manager's special)
5 Sargento's Cheese
1 Kraft Cheese
American Cheese (I love my husband)
6 cans Refried Beans
11 Handsaver gloves
frozen pizza (got free)
cottage cheese 
whole wheat pasta
garbanzo dried beans
7 bags of all natural Cornish Hen's
Pullups, 2 sponges, paper towels, 11 Handsaver Gloves (not included in grocery budget, cost $8)

Total- $42.11

Green onions
green leaf lettuce
3 baking soda
baby wipes, wet ones, and baggies (not included in grocery budget, cost FREE)

Grocery Total- $8.33

Target (not pictured)
4 cans tuna

Can't find receipt.. somewhere around $2.70

Grocery total- $53.14
Total (including "needs"- $61.14
Retail price b/f coupons and deals- $158.08

I absolutely LOVE hearing how you are doing at the grocery stores!!  Keep those emails and comments coming... even the small savings are a big deal!!


  1. Jaz...what do you do with all of the fruit you stockpile? Do you freeze it?

  2. I do freeze most of it for smoothies and muffins.. I should post on that, huh? :) I wash/cut the fruit and then freeze it on cookie sheets so the fruit won't stick together when I transfer them to freezer bags. I also have a food dehydrator (I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond)... dried pineapple, bananas, peaches, etc. makes yummy snacks :);