Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coupon Chaos- What to do When Time is a BIG Factor

*Edit note- "binder method" link is now working :)

Things around here have been busy and I haven't had enough time to focus on the stacks of coupons.  I know for many of you time is a huge concern when it comes to saving the maximum amount of money for your family.  This is certainly understandable as it really does take some time to pull it all off.  Here are a few tips that I have found helpful during the busy times.
  1. Cut yourself some slack.  Not necessarily in your budget, but with the coupons.  Plan your meals around the sale circulars and focus on managers' specials on meat, dairy and produce.
  2. I recommend using the "Binder Method" for organizing your coupons, but if you absolutely don't have time to clip 2-3 inserts to put in your binder, switch over to the "Date/Filing Method" (info on this found at the same link listed for "binder method") for a time.  The con to this is that you won't have all your coupons with you when you are shopping, but the pro is that you'll at least have the ones you KNOW you'll need.
  3. Enlist the help of your child.  If they are old enough to use scissors, have them help you clip!  My daughter is 5 and loves to clip coupons :)  I have to give her some instruction (like don't cut the date or bar code), and the coupons aren't as clean cut looking, but it totally works and saves time.
  4. Make a list. When you head out, make sure you have that grocery list with you that coincides with your meal plan for the week.  This saves tons of time!
  5. Make sure you are doing all of your shopping in ONE trip out.  ALL the deals look so enticing, but you'll burn out easy if you are visiting every store, every time.  If your favorite grocery store isn't running a sale that another store is, more than likely in a few weeks time you'll see a similar sale at your favorite store.
Happy Time-Saving Shopping!

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