Thursday, September 24, 2009

Saved 74% on Organics- Coupons CAN Work For Your Family!

Since triples at Kroger and Harris Teeter are over, I won't go through each item here, but wanted to give you a picture of how couponing can work for your family, even if you eat lots of organics and produce.  I got all of these organic products worth over $19 for $4.12!  I want to point out that I didn't use regular everyday coupons for any of this (although organic/all natural coupons are becoming more popular).  I used coupons from a Kroger home mailer and the Mambo Sprouts booklet.

A common myth is that "there are never coupons for food we eat".  Stay open minded about finding coupons that work for your family and trust me, you'll find them!  Between printables, mailers, inserts, and even just calling your favorite organic companies to inquire about coupons, you are bound to find ones that work for you!

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