Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Timesaver

I wanted to devote a day to posting about a timesaver... whether it be a timesaver in the kitchen, with the kids, at the store.. you name it- Time is something we all could use more of!  It just so happens to be Thursday today, but I might change my posting day to Tuesday since "Tuesday's Timesaver" sounds better LOL!

I talk about this a lot... maybe because I hate raw meat... mostly because it literally is one of my biggest timesavers.  Cooking meat ahead of time and freezing it helps me SO much when things are busy and I need to make a quick meal.  Its fresh on my mind because I just did it again the other night and thought I'd share.  I got 6 all-natural boneless/skinless chicken breasts (for a little over $4 on managers' special, yay!!) at Kroger.  Instead of throwing the packages in the freezer for later use (only to have to take time to defrost and cook), I boiled them while we were eating dinner. and at bedtime they had cooled off enough to chop and put away.  (I'm not much of a photographer, sorry :)

I label the bags with the date and toss them in the freezer, usually in individual bags, but sometimes just one big bag.  If you do one big bag, be sure to move the bag around after its been in the freezer for a couple hours to help the chicken not stick together as much.  This is SO great to grab when you are making a casserole, gyros, tacos, quesadillas, tortilla soup, stir fry, chicken salad... and the list goes on!  I just add a little oil (and sometimes a bit of water) with the spices when I'm using it for a meal that needs to be reheated in a frying pan so the meat doesn't get dried out.

Ground beef is another biggie.  I just cook it up in big batches and put it in individual bags as well.  This is great for hamburger stroganoff, tacos, vegetable soup, spaghetti sauce, etc.

Happy Timesaving!


  1. unless you could be talking about the spice, then you could call it "thursday's thyme-saver."
    just a thought.