Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cooking Day... Trying to Get Ahead!

I finally got a decent cooking day in!  For those of you that missed my post last week about this day, here's the scoop.  We have just stepped into a WILDLY busy season (thus the sporadic posting.. I'm so sorry!).  It should calm down here soon, but I literally feel like my brain is being pulled in a million directions.. and to top it off, my 5 year old has homework, which means I have homework, haha.  So all that to say, I just needed to get some things prepped and in the freezer to make dinner time easier on those busy nights.  Its just SO tempting to go out to eat when things get crazy at home.  Here's what I accomplished:
  • 25 Flour Tortillas, 20 Corn Tortillas (great to pull out of the freezer for quick quesadillas!)
  • 4 lbs Ground Beef, browned 
  • 3 Cornbread Mixes (dry)
  • 27 Bagels- new recipe- LOVED it!
  • 3 Baked Ziti meals (put in baking dish and into the freezer)
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Snickerdoodle cookies (baked some.. froze the rest of the dough)
Planning to do over the next few days:
Here is some of the evidence of my day :)

I would LOVE to hear any great homemade freezer meal ideas you have!!


  1. Jazz if you have a pressure cooker you can really cut down on the time of cooking the beans, check manual for specific cooking times of different beans. Julie

  2. Great idea, Julie! What else can you cook in them?

  3. I love the idea of browning the ground beef in advance and portioning it. That makes a lot of sense for fast meals. We used to buy a beef from Greg's grandparents or local friends but haven't done it since we moved so far away. So now I've been getting the ground beef in the bulk trays at Sam's Club. Maybe I could just brown the whole thing when I bring it home and portion it then. Thanks for the time saving tips. I also like the cornbread mix idea. Julie

  4. All those dried legumes and grains that can take forever are faster in the pressure cooker...also roasts, even whole chickens. I have a recipe book that came with mine and you can cook one pot meals in them too just like a crockpot but faster :) I should use it more...I tend to use the crockpot more, I don't know why. Here's an example in my PC book: 35-40 min on high for beef/veal additional time to heat the cooker up to pressure...2-3 lb whole chicken says 12-18 min on high (times would vary based on your brand of cooker). Faster than the oven or crockpot, but does need monitored, unlike the crockpot. Julie

  5. Those bagels look just like your mamma used to make! :)

  6. Thats so great Julie- I'm going to have to get one! I am always looking for time savers.. and my crock pot recently broke :( LOL mom.. yes I remember boiling those bagels once or twice :)