Saturday, September 26, 2009

Printables Round-Up (Cheap V.S. Panties!!)

There are some GREAT printables available now!

10 Victoria Secret Pink panties for $25 (you have to join "Pink Nation" to print)- Offer good only through 9/28 so hurry!  Thanks Common Sense With Money!

$2/2 Pull-Ups Wipes (these are at Walmart for $1.64- this would make them $.64 each.. Just got some tonight!)


  1. Just wanted to give others that may have a house full of boys the head's up that to sign up for Pink Nation you have to give your address, which means VS will start sending you their catalogs, flyers, etc. in the mail. Just something to know before you sign up :o)

  2. Good thinking Shyla!! Isn't there a way to just call and ask them to not send stuff in the mail? I think I've heard of people doing it.. I'll give it a try.

  3. Yes, you can. It took me calling two or three times, though. They are one of the places I also don't give them my phone number at check out for that reason.