Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Outrageous Couponing" Class- November 22!

I have had several people ask when my next public (not my normal in-home) coupon class is set for.  I know it might be a little crazy- and not sure if anyone can make it on this short of notice, but I thought we'd set a date and see what happens :)  This is a perfect time of year to really grab some helpful tips on saving money and time.  I am going to combine 2 of my classes into one since I think the tips will be helpful for this busy season! (descriptions are below)

Where: Borders (Cafe') in Cool Springs
When: This Sunday, 11/22- 6-8pm
Cost: $5
Please RSVP by sending an email to seedtosowblog @ gmail . com (take spaces out)

"Outrageous Couponing"- In this class we cover sale cycles, learning your stores, productive/unproductive coupon usage, coupon stacking, e-coupons, blog lingo, where to find and how to organize coupons, and of course how to cut that grocery budget down! 

"Outrageous Life Application"- This class is an in-depth look at meal planning, recipe ideas and stocking your pantry and freezer effectively which is an important foundation for saving money. We cover timesaver tips that will help you keep healthy meals on the table while not spending a ton of time in the kitchen (or money from the budget).

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