Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday's Meal Plan- The Tuesday Edition

So I'm behind a day on my meal plan :)  My sweet husband came home yesterday after being away in England for almost 2 weeks.  We survived, and as you know I got some major cooking done while he was gone.  I didn't finish everything on my list, but am hoping to finish the last few things this week.  I made 2 dozen bagels today finally- we love having those in the freezer!  Here's the plan for the week (nothing spectacular):

Monday- Five Guys- took some to Chris when we picked him up at the airport :)
Tuesday- Chicken Enchiladas (and extra for the freezer).. guess if I'm making these tonight, I should get started...  That is the benefit of having most of my ingredients in the freezer already!
Wednesday-Grilled Steak, Scalloped Potatoes, Cucumber Salad
Thursday- Chili (from freezer), Cornbread (from my mix), Veggies/Dip
Friday-  Spaghetti and Meatballs, Garlic Toast and Salad

Breakfasts- Cereal, Bagels, pancakes, oranges, smoothies
Lunches- Turkey/cheese, grilled cheese/tortilla soup, tuna sandwiches

What are you cooking up this week?


  1. This is great. When I make my hearty chicken soup I make enough to freeze two helpings (there are just two of us). My husband liked it this last time because he was by himself and needed something to eat he did not have to prepare. When I thaw it I change it up by adding noodles or other things I might have. Sometimes I will serve it on Monday and then on Thursday I will add mixed dry beans to it.

  2. oh I wish I was as big of a go getter as you were while Chris was gone.
    I really need to start doubling and freezing and cooking and freezing things like chicken etc. I did cook last night I made a soup that I posted on my blog, tonight I think we are having breakfast for dinner tonight lol

  3. Great idea on the hearty chicken soup.. I love meals you can change to be something different than the first time you ate it :) @ Mary- it helps me keep my mind off the fact that he's gone! I can involve the kids too- although sometimes makes it stressful, for the most part we had fun. I'm gonna go check that soup out on your blog... http://just-a-spoonful.blogspot.com/ ;)

  4. Jazz...do you just freeze the chicken mixture and thaw and compile when you're ready to cook it...or...do you go ahead and put it all together in a cassarole dish and freeze the whole thing...thaw and bake? I'm trying to figure out the whole freezer thing...
    Miss you guys...we need to hang...someday...

  5. We just need to make a trip down.. its ridiculous that we haven't!! Lets plan it!!

    So I do a little bit of both. Last night I had chopped chicken, shredded cheese, homemade enchilada sauce and tortillas in the freezer so I was able to put it together really quickly. BUT I also put actual meals in the freezer for easy dinners.. like if I don't feel like cooking one night or if Chris has to make dinner if I'm out. :) Tettrazini (sp?), lasagna, baked ziti, enchiladas and soup are meals I have in the freezer often. When you make dinner, just make an extra one for the freezer! Does that answer your q? Love ya!