Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Costco- Deal or No Deal?

This is a question that comes up at most of my coupon classes.  Is Costco a good deal?  My answer is yes and no. Prior to couponing, I dropped a lot of money at Costco.  It was my primary place to shop for food- I went every 2 weeks when my husband got paid.  I also filled in with items from Whole Foods and usually 1 more grocery store- either Kroger or Publix.  I thought since I was buying in bulk that I was getting the best deal possible, but the truth was that sometimes I was paying about the same as I would at Kroger... and sometimes more.  

When you can get your canned diced tomatoes for $.25/can with coupons, free toothpaste, or cereal or crackers for $1 a box,  you just can't beat that at Costco! There are certain items I buy at Costco that either are just great values or items that I rarely see coupons for.  I wanted to show you some of what I might buy when I make a trip to the warehouse.

Feta Cheese in big blocks- usually around $6- depends on the weight.  I love the Feta like this because it doesn't contain the "anti-caking agent".. Not only that, but it is the best price around.  I cut it in blocks the size I would normally use in a salad or with gyros and individually bag and put in the freezer.

Organic Spinach- a big tub for $3.99.  Unless you have coupons for your normal grocery store, this is a fabulous deal.  We usually steam and eat it, but you can also steam and freeze it for spinach artichoke dip, calzones, etc.!

Romaine Lettuce- 6 heads of lettuce for about $3.79- can't beat it!

Baby Carrots- organic- usually around $5 for a 5 lb bag.

Artichokes (marinated)- a big jar (I don't know the ounces, sorry)- usually around $6.  This is a GREAT deal and they last forever!

Whole Chicken- you can get 2 for about $7.  Take those bad boys home, cook them up right away to end up with chopped chicken in your freezer and some great soup- you'll get a bunch of meals out of those 2 chickens!

Printer Ink- Unfortunately I have a printer that doesn't like refilled ink... so I buy mine at Costco.  I save about $20 buying it there as opposed to a regular office store, or even Walmart.

Palermos frozen pizza (w/ all natural crust)- 4 pizzas for about $10.

Spices- cinnamon, garlic, minced onion, etc.  There are usually McCormick coupons out, but they don't usually cover all of the spices.  Costco offers a pretty good price on most.

If there are no coupons out I have found that these items are good deals:
  • juice boxes
  • string cheese
  • bread
  • seasonal fruits/veggies
  • some of the snacks- like organic animal crackers and fruit leathers
  • bacon
What do you buy when you visit a warehouse store?  Are there items you used to buy, but don't anymore because of coupons?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. I think my Sam's Club membership is going bye-bye now that we have Winco. I like to buy the 25# bags of dry foods, and all my baking supplies in bulk, but can get them at Winco, maybe just as cheap. I'll have to compare cost per ounce and cost per pound to see who wins. I like Sam's' whole wheat bread and whole wheat tortillas and big containers of fresh salsa, parm cheese, feta cheese, and frozen fruit, spices. Don't know yet if I can get all those things at Winco. I love the frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts but think Winco is probably cheaper on that as well. I'm going to have to do a lot of price comparing in the next few months. Winco takes coupons, Sam's doesn't...think Sam's is a goner when my membership expires in 8 months. In the meantime I'll look into the ink at Sam's, thanks for the idea. I've been buying at Mrinkman.com for years, but we don't go through ink very quickly. Julie