Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Stress Anyone?

Yesterday was THE stressful day of the year for me.  I pulled out of it during the day by finding some great deals at Publix, Aldi ($.99 Pineapples) and Target, but found myself back in the stress seat after dinner.  There have been a few unfortunate circumstances that have helped increase the stress, including hitting my mother in law's car in my own driveway and the dishwasher breaking.  On top of that, our schedule is starting to get out of control.  We literally don't stop until after the new year and that makes me crazy!  My AMAZING husband told me to sit down- he found "The Proposal" on demand and watched the whole thing with me.  Between my hubby and Sandra Bullock, I'm feeling much better.

I get overwhelmed when I am pulled in a million different directions and its not really situations I can control.  So... my husband helped me see that together we can walk through and enjoy the holidays-- the important thing to both of us is that our kids are having fun and that we are starting traditions that they love and will remember.  God is faithful through it all- so hard to turn the "noise" off sometimes to really hear and know that reality in our lives each day!

I'm taking the girls out (like we didn't get out enough yesterday!) to grab a few basic craft supplies today.  I promised them a Thanksgiving craft project- I guess I better figure out what we are going to do- I'll keep you posted :)

Enjoy your day... and this season!

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  1. I love that he made you sit and watch a funny movie with him!! good job Chris!!!
    You will make it thru, it will be over before you know it!! you can do it you rock friend!!!