Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Timesaver- Piles of Clothes

So for today's timesaver tip, I have to bring up something that is a constant thorn in my side: Laundry.  The above picture isn't my laundry, but it might as well be!  We all do it.  Many of us hate it.  Between the sorting, washing, drying, folding and putting away, it never ends!  Well, I wish I had some great timesaver tips on laundry, but I don't... sorry to disappoint :)  (although I will say that having actual "laundry days" has helped tremendously).  What I do have is something related to all that laundry.  Maybe for many of you reading, this won't apply.  If you have little ones it might.  Or maybe I'm just reeeeeeally unorganized, LOL!

I have these piles going all the time: Goodwill, Consignment, Friends' Kid Clothes (that my girls wore), Clothes that my 5 year old grew out of and saving for my 3 year old, Seasonal Clothing, and of course the never ending Clean and Dirty piles.  Well with VERY limited storage in our 1970-something house, rubbermaids get us through a lot, but those piles tend to get mixed up very easily, especially since my 5 year old is constantly growing out of things.  So clothes get tossed in the wrong piles.. I'll go through them and get distracted and then my girls go through them.. finding old treasures and putting them on.  And then taking them off an hour later, only to go back and find another treasure.  It drives me CRAZY, and causes my dirty laundry pile to grow-- so then I'm washing things that shouldn't have been in the dirty clothes pile to begin with.

So all that to say, my friend Sheri from Sheri's Organized Life, has saved my life with one of her fabulous ideas.  Go HERE to check it out!! Now, I never forget to grab them on my way out the door and get them out of my life and out of my laundry pile, thus saving me time.  I have a few bags going, and it works great for me!

What do you do with all your clothes piles?

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  1. I was SO very NOT on top of the piles at one time ... I gave up. w/ 4 kids we have lots of laundry !!! we have 2 dirty laundry baskets one white one color. I do laundry throught the week 1-3 loads a day asthe baskets fill up... but I don't fold (lol) I put all 10+ loads in the pack and play then one day per week we sort and fold and put away ( this takes about 1.5-2 hrs... rather than bunches of little times throught the week .. but I am not always rewashing and refolding laundry like I was pre pack and play. I use kitchen trash bags ( drawstring) less easy access for little kids) in my pantry floor ... with a system similar to Sheri's ( woo hoo I feel organized in an area)Sheri rocks ! Thanks for all your helpful posts Jazz !