Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday's Meal Plan

It feels good to be back on schedule!  Monday's Meal Plan is actually happening on a Monday! :)  If this is your first time to join us on a Monday- welcome! Meal Planning really is a huge key to what I do to save money and time.  It keeps me at the grocery store just once during a week (most of the time) and I plan my meals around what I already have in my pantry and freezer, making my grocery shopping list fairly small and leaving room to "stockpile" those items that are at rock bottom prices using my coupons!

Monday: Steamed Artichokes with lemon butter, chicken and rice (didn't have last week.. and finally getting out to Trader Joes today for my artichokes! :)
Tuesday: Southwestern Egg Rolls (using chopped chicken and black beans from the freezer) and mexican fixins
Wednesday- Lasagna, garlic toast, salad
Thursday- Breakfast for dinner- Ham and Cheese Quiche (adding spinach) and fresh squeezed mandarin orange juice.. found them for $.99/bag on managers special at Kroger- they are SO sweet!
Friday- Grilled Chicken on Salad (marinated in lime juice, olive oil and the garlic wine seasoning I picked up at the Melting Pot- not the cheapest thing I've purchased in the 'spice' catagory, but SO good!)

Breakfasts- bagels, hot cereal and toast, banana muffins
Lunches- Bagel pizzas, ham sandwiches (using ham didn't use in quiche), chicken salad, pb & j's


  1. Are there any true bargains at Trader Joes? I've visited our new one a couple times and everything including produce seems so much higher than Winco. Any tips?

  2. Well, Robin- it depends. More than likely you aren't going to walk out of Trader Joes with a bag full of free stuff, but if you are looking for a great deal on something that you never have coupons for, you can more than likely find it cheaper there. Especially organics- TJ's prices are sometimes half of what they are at Whole Foods for us! I love the artichokes (obviously) :) I got 4 for $2.99. Also avocados were 4/$3.49. I also get treats there (dried fruit bars and organic suckers). When I don't have any cracker coupons, I usually get the TJ version of Wheat Thins for $1.69. Good deal on organic yogurt too. I guess bottom line is, I could never do ALL of my grocery shopping there, but its more like a treat- and they do have great deals on select items.

    I think prices must just be higher out where you are in general- I have heard that from a few people! Check with your TJ's and see if they accept manufacturers coupons- most do... but some have rules like 1 a day.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'll check more closely next time I stop in. :)