Saturday, October 31, 2009

100% Pure Maple Syrup, 32 oz- $12.50 shipped!

Well yesterday I posted about Swagbucks and how a lot of times I'll buy things with the gift cards I've accumulated that don't usually have coupons like all natural or organic foods.  Well, I found a deal at Amazon that I couldn't say no too!

Through TODAY, October 31st, go HERE to find a 32 oz jug (or (2) 16 oz jugs) 100% pure organic maple syrup on sale and a great promotional code to go with it!  Here's how to get it. 

  • Over on the right side of the page, click on "subscribe and save".  This is a way to have it automatically shipped to you at an increment of time that you choose.  (you can cancel this after you order if you want, but it will save you 15% each time you order)
  • Enter promotional code: BASCOM35 to get an additional 35% discount (expires today)
  • Click "sign me up" at bottom right hand of page (of course make sure if you have gift cards from swagbucks to enter them prior to ordering and they will automatically be used first)
  • If you want to cancel your subscribe and save, go to "your account" and then "manage your subscribe and save items"
My final price was just $12.50 shipped!  I got grade B, because I like its flavor more, but grade A was just a little over $13. That is a GREAT deal on pure maple syrup!!

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