Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Wow... What a crazy last couple days!  And actually it has been a crazy month for us as a family.  Between 2 broken toilets and messed up plumbing, a broken fridge, working on our second car to get it running again and now our latest problem, life has been a wild ride :)  Sunday morning we woke up to a FREEZING cold house- no heat, no stove or washer/dryer, and minimal electricity everywhere else.  Turns out it was a burnt up meter box and they had to shut our electricity completely off.  Thankfully we have wonderful friends that helped us through the last few days and actually our girls had a blast through it all.  That makes me happy :)

Honestly it has been a frustrating season, but we have soooo much to be thankful for.  God always comes through and that is fun to watch!  As we move forward in our journey towards being debt free, I am so glad I use coupons and deal find.  With as tight as things get sometimes, I know that I can always get our necessities and even have items to give away.  Sometimes I'm the type of person to just throw something out if I get knocked of course even just a little.  If you experience a hit financially, press in to the meal planning and coupons (if that is how you shop) even more!  I'll tell ya, the reward is much sweeter when you stick with it! :)

Speaking of meal planning... I'm a little behind on that (and everything else :), but I'll get it together tomorrow.  For now, a hot shower is in order...  I am SO thankful for electricity!!!

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