Thursday, August 6, 2009

Online Coupon and Promotional Codes

I have been working hard to get my hubby's album on iTunes and FINALLY tonight I got it done. I'll let you know when its gone live on the site so you can check it out!  But that is not why I'm posting :)  

The real reason is because as I was about to pay, I remembered that I should search for a promotional code to enter.  I hadn't heard of any deals, but I knew it was worth a shot.  Sure enough, I took 30 seconds to look it up and found out they had a 30% deal going on that I didn't know about.  I ended up saving us $10!

There are 1000's of coupon codes out there, you just have to know where to look.  I like to look at Retail Me Not and Current Codes.  If you are a big Amazon shopper, be sure to check these sites out- seems like there are always Amazon codes!

Happy Saving!

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  1. Yet another lesson in "in never hurts to ask/look"! I went into the apple store to renew my apple care- the genius asked if I was an educator. I said "Not officially, but I went to school to be a teacher and do teach art at my kids' school." thinking it was worth a shot. HE GAVE ME THE DISCOUNT! That's a $66 discount! woo hoo!
    I also looked online for a coupon to the SF Zoo (we're going next week) and got coupons so the kids get in free! Another $18 saved!