Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$100 Home Challenge UPDATE!

I wanted to give you an update on how my $100 Home Challenge is going! I picked up this FABULOUS shelf at a yard sale (best pic I had, sorry).

And here is the final product after sanding and painting, featuring my girls' artwork and some empty frames... but you can be sure I'll be filling those with free prints soon!:

Shelf: $25
Paint: $7.08

$100 Home Challenge Total so far: $36.16

I am working on some other things.. I'll keep you posted!! If you have some great, inexpensive home makeover tips, leave a comment!


  1. ohh, good idea to paint it! i should do that with the ugly monstrosity of a cabinet that is in my office...i would have NEVER thought of that! good job, jazz!

  2. you may already know this...but you can purchase "oops" paint at Home Depot/Lowes for $5 a gallon & quarts for $1. most of the time these are just colors that were mixed & the customer changed their mind, didn't match EXACTLY...we have found multiple neutral colors this way! just thought i'd pass the tip along!
    that shelf is AWESOME! looks like West Elm to me.