Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Groceries Galore, This Weeks' Totals- Hubby's Shopping Trip

My hubby did the grocery shopping this week. We just needed a few things and he stopped by the store on his way home. Sometimes that can be scary though.. most men that I know aren't wired to look for sales (nothing against the men-folk :), but I am so proud of my hubby for yesterday's shopping trip! EVERYTHING he bought was on sale and he came home with this Manager's Special Stash:

Fajita Beef, 6 containers of Rachel's all natural Cottage Cheese, Horizon Cottage Cheese, and 2 dozen brown eggs. The retail price for all of this was $25.42 and he got it all for $12.49- a savings of 51% and he didn't even use coupons. Go baby go!!

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