Saturday, August 29, 2009

FREE Organic & All-Natural Foods!!

"So what about the expensive healthy stuff there are never coupons for? How can you fit it into your $40 a week grocery budget?"

Well, how does FREE sound for those more expensive, non-coupon items?!! Thanks to Swagbucks, I get to order a case of 6 Agave Nectars from for FREE today! (I would have paid $42 in a health food store for that)

Swagbucks is a way to search and earn prizes. I use it to search sites I go to everyday and usually earn about 3 Swagbucks a day (sometimes more) and then you can trade your Swagbucks for prizes! My favorite is the $5 Amazon gift card (45 Swagbucks) because I can save them up and use them to buy healthy or organic foods that don't normally have coupons!

Click below for more info- They'll put 3 Swagbucks in your account to get you started when you sign up! I'm not gonna lie, Swagbucks does have a referral program. When you click and sign up, they reward me with a few extra Swagbucks here and there. Since this blogging gig isn't a paid position, its nice to accrue a few extra Swagbucks every now and then :) The neat thing is that you can do the same! When you refer your friends, you will benefit as well.

So, thanks in advance guys.. you'll love it.. It just takes one extra second each time you search to go to swagbucks first... TOTALLY worth it!!

Search & Win

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  1. i signed up. the pic of the agave nectar sold me....i'm out. ;o)
    love this blog. thanks for doing it.

    -Meg Mc