Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Fun, Kroger Matchups, and More

What a GREAT week!  Around here, we like to celebrate birthdays all week long, and that is exactly what we did. (oh soooo much cake!)  I was surrounded by friends and family all week.. couldn't have been better!  My posts were a little more sporadic with all the celebrating, but I'm back now.

I have some awesome recipe ideas, money saving tips and even a new challenge that I have started in our home... Can't wait to share!  I'm going to spend time with my sweet family this afternoon and I'll be back tomorrow with Kroger match ups and other goodies.  For now you can visit Coupon Mom for those match ups since some of you might want to do your shopping today.

One last thing and we'll see each other again tomorrow :)  Don't forget to subscribe to Seed to Sow so you don't miss anything!  Once a day, you'll get an email in your inbox with posts from that day so you can stay up to date with the current deals, etc.  The subscribe box is located in the upper right hand side of my page.  Thanks so much to everyone that reads!

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