Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday's Timesaver- Herbs and Ice Cube Trays

I had 2 ladies at my last coupon class that were brilliant when it came to the freezer.  The freezer truly is a beautiful thing when you are trying to save time and money (as you know, I talk about that wonderful appliance a LOT!)

I had never heard this idea and it really is fabulous!  If you are a family that uses a lot of fresh herbs (we use cilantro and basil like its going out of style), wash your herbs as soon as you get home.  Break or chop them up and put some in each compartment of an ice cube tray.  Fill the tray with water and put in your freezer.  This keeps the herbs looking decent and its easy to just throw an ice cube or two into a soup or sauce!

Thanks for the tip Dawn and Lianne!   

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  1. awesome tip!!! I made soup last week that called for fresh basil, I didn't use it all and knew it would go bad :( I will do this from now on!!