Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fantastic New Recipe (frugal too!)

Yes, its true.  Sometimes I deviate from my menu plan... SHAME! ;)  Just kidding- don't we all sometimes?  Yesterday I was in Kroger and found a great deal on ground turkey- 3 lbs for $1.99!  Yesterday was also our 7th anniversary and even though our "date" for the day was lunch out sans kids, I thought it would be fun to make something I hadn't made before to make it kind of special (its amazing how those "special" dinners end up being cleaning up spilled water or saying "sit down and eat please" 400 times with children present... at least I had a nice glass of wine :).

I made Florentine Meatballs- it is a Rachel Ray recipe.  I typed the entire thing out for you and then had the sense to look it up online.  HERE is the recipe.  It was delicious and ended up being a VERY inexpensive meal!  I had a friend tell me about these a few years ago- why didn't I listen??  

One thing I'll add is that I turned this meal into two meals- here's how.  Not only did we eat the leftovers for lunch today, but for some reason there was a ton of the cheese sauce that goes along with the meatballs.  I decided to cook up some pasta, pour that over it and bake with crushed crackers on top for a yummy homemade mac and cheese dinner.  Talk about stretching the dollars!  I don't have an exact amount, but by guessing, both meals probably cost me about $3 total- that includes the veggies we ate with each meal as well.  Couponing/deal finding WORKS!

...Oops.. that would be 2 nights of deviating from the plan :)

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  1. oh thank you for sharing!!!!!
    I deviated too! lol I made taco soup last night and that wasn't on the menu for the week but I had everything for it I was craving mexican food in the worst way and have been for like 2 weeks.. this didn't settle it but it helped. I think tomorrow night I will deviate again and make chicken tortillia soup lol