Friday, December 18, 2009

Seed to Sow- Vision for 2010

Hi Everyone!!  How I have missed blogging- this is the longest I've been away since I began.  A few things have changed in my life and I wanted to share briefly why you haven't seen me.  First, its the holidays.  From school programs, parties, making homemade gifts and shopping (frugally of course ;), my husbands 30th birthday, our anniversary and now Christmas- I have been slammed.  I have also fully taken on the administrative side of my husbands job.  December has been an overwhelming month for me, but it has helped me take a step back and really decide what I want Seed to Sow to be.

I initially didn't start this blog hoping to bring you all the latest grocery deals, but it evolved into some of that because I was finding them for myself, so why not share.  It ends up taking a LOT of time to coupon match for all the stores.  Blogs that provide store matchups are everywhere- Here are a few of my fav's:

Southern Savers
Money Saving Mom
The Thrifty Mama
Frugal Dr. Mom (local)
Faithful Provisions (local)

So here's the bottom line.  :) I am going to finish taking December off of blogging.  I am working hard on finishing to develop a 4 week workshop I can take to churches, etc, but also one that I can tailor for women who are needing to get on their feet again or who have experienced hardship and feel like they have no options.  I want to teach them how to gain control of their kitchen and know that they play a huge role in the families budget.  We'll of course cover how the choices they make directly affect their family's health and finances.  Empowering, isn't it?!  The kicker to all of this is teaching women who have been affected by poverty how to GIVE.  I understand being in a position where you feel like you have nothing to give.  Oh what healing comes when we just give a little!  I'm excited for the next season and can't wait to share with you all what shape Seed to Sow takes on.

I will resume Meal Planning Monday, etc after the first of the year minus the grocery deals (unless its just too good not to share :)

Many blessings to you all- Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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  1. Jazz, you are amazing! You have the best heart and I love that you want to share what you know and to empower other women! I would SO take that 4 week workshop! You will rock it!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas. Looking fwd to meal planning Mondays!!!