Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Need Your Help!

Whew, this has been a very intense week!  I am so sorry for not blogging over the last few days.   For those of you that don't know, my husband does music for a living, both at our church and independently.  After the release of his first album (which you can hear on the right side bar, by the way :), he needed some help with emails and mailings, etc.   I have always sort of helped him with whatever he has needed, but recently there has been a lot more to do (that is a good thing!)

To get ready for a conference at church that started tonight, I needed to really be "all in" this week- working against the clock to do whatever it took to make sure we got cd's in on time, since our manufacturer made a mistake and couldn't deliver by this weekend.  Talk about a learning curve for me!

My point is a couple things: 
  1. I am sorry if I left you guys hanging on some deals!  Deal finders don't like to be left hanging... I know! :)  I hope you found some good deals over at Faithful Provisions, Frugal Dr Mom, and Southern Savers to name a few.
  2. I want to make sure that when you read this blog you are getting what you want!  Since I am stepping in to help my husband more, I want to make sure I'm not taking time to post things you don't care a thing about!  I would love to hear from you- What are things you like to see?  Is it Monday's Meal Plan?  Free Samples?  Tuesday's Timesaver Tip? Saturday's Seed to Sow?  CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix Favorites?  Is there something you would like to see that I don't post about yet?  
I love hearing the testimonies of people stepping into action and making a difference in their budget and the way they give to others as a result of what we ALL bring to this blog.  I couldn't do it without your awesome tips, recipes and amazing deal finding skills!  I don't know yet what God has for Seed to Sow in 2010, but I just want to be where he wants me.  I am looking into some options to teach a series class- We'll see!  I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts at     seed to sow blog @ gmail . com (take spaces out).

Thank you to all my faithful readers!


  1. Hi Jazz, I think you are doing a good job with all of it. Keep up the good work! Julie

  2. Hi! I read your blog almost every day, but I'm usually unable to comment from work. (Unless the Comment Form Placement is in the form of a pop up window, I can't open it)

    But even thought I can't comment every day, I AM reading!! Thank you for all your work!