Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday's Timesaver- Entertaining

I want to take a few weeks and talk about entertaining.  Today's post isn't actually going to provide any timesaver tips, per say, but will be an intro for what is to come :)  I get asked a lot about entertaining- how to fit it into a busy schedule and how to do it in a way that doesn't break the bank.

Being hospitable is a big New Years resolution for me this year.  Six years ago we moved into our house-  Hard to believe its been that long!  With the birth of our second child, my husbands instruments and music related stuff, my office and no storage or garage space, we have quickly outgrown our space.  This turned me off to entertaining- Its harder to host families with children and definitely difficult to host a group!  Well I'm saying "no more" to that.  For so long I thought "soon we'll move".  Well its not happening.. our debt HAS to be paid off first and then we can think about moving!  Its time to be content where I am and accept the quirks and craziness that an older home brings.  Everything needs fresh paint, there seems to always be one toilet out of commission and our kitchen floor is uneven, but that really isn't what relationship with others is about. Ya know, the first step to entertaining is to get the calendar out and plan.  I have chosen to accept where I am and just go for it.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to cover some great tips that will help us all save time and money as we open our homes to others!


  1. Good for you!! I'm a huge advocate of relationships and building a sense of community. When we wait for the "perfect house" or the "perfect time", we are only depriving people of the chance to be connected and be blessed. So many people take this stuff for granted, but there are so many families out there yearning for friends and feeling connected. I love imperfect homes -- it shows what REAL life is all about. We have a decent house, but I have a hard time keeping up on housework. ( Too much clutter! But that's another topic.) I never wanted anyone to see a less than perfectly clean home. I finally got over that and figured that I would do my best and (true) friends would still love me. :)

    As far as saving money, it's fun to do potluck style dinners. I like doing themes like Mexican or build-your-own pizza nights.

  2. SO true Robin- I'm with ya on the clean thing. Amazing how we can clean literally all day and barely make a dent! I love those ideas for more frugal get togethers- if you don't mind, I'll definitely share those!!

  3. Share away! I'll try to think of more fun ideas too.