Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Few Fun Websites- Earn Free Seventh Generation Dish Soap and More!

Many of you have read my previous posts about Swagbucks and Ebates, Groupon and a few others...well now I have a few more for you :) As a new customer you'll get $10 when you have spent $50.  One great thing is that they find the coupons for you and apply them to your orders.. no clipping for you :)  You can shop by the best deals and highest coupon values too.  There is no shipping on any orders- I got a $5 giftcard through Swagbucks for my first order with Alice- I applied it towards toilet paper because we needed it, but there are many other great deals to be had!  Here are a few fav's:

Recyclebank- I just signed up and got 100 points for doing so.  You can immidiately use those points for stuff if you want.  I was able to get a free Seventh Generation Dish Soap and (2) $2/1 Cascadian Farms product coupons!

Kashless Earn 300 points each week for saving searches- then redeem those points for prizes through Recyclebank!

  • Get your account set up and then click on "Saved Searches" to start saving things you want to be notified about when someone posts it in your area.  (all items on Kashless are free)  You'll get 10 points for each saved search!
  • Go to "Rewards" and link your Kashless account to Recyclebank.  This is how you'll get your prizes!  
  • You can also earn 10 points for setting up your profile and a few other things.
  • There is a referral program, but its not as easy as some.  Go to the Kashless homepage and scroll down.  You'll see an "Invite Friends" tab. You can earn 20 points for each friend you invite!  If you would like an invitation from me, email me at seedtosowblog @ gmail . com (spaces out) and I'll send you an invite.  Do the same with your friends and you'll earn points fast!
Have fun! :)

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