Friday, January 22, 2010

2 Week Pantry Challenge Update and New Recipe

I know you guys think I'm slackin'! :)  My responsibilities changed a bit over the last couple months and I just haven't been able to blog as much.  As you may have read, I am continuing to develop a series class for women which I'm so excited about, among about 50 million other things!

I wanted to continue my post on our Pantry Challenge for Free Range Chicken.  This is a 2 week Challenge- lasting until February 1.  I did well this week- I needed to pick up 6 loaves of bread since I had a coupon that made them $.66 ea.  Didn't want it to expire before I could make it to the store.  Last night I found myself without parmesan cheese- I asked my hubby to pick some cheap stuff up, but he got my favorite kind (4C- it doesn't have anti-caking stuff or preservatives) for $3.56. :) So my week total is $8.14, leaving me with $31.86 to go towards my chicken!!

Got a little over a week left- this is fun!  I'm going to go with a chicken soup and homemade bread recipe tonight for ease.  

I wanted to share a new recipe I used last night- Chicken Alfredo Pizza. it is such a great pantry meal since I always have chopped chicken in the freezer and milk/butter.  Not the most low fat meal ever, but delicious.  I added Spinach and green pepper to the sauce to make it a little healthier.. so yummy!!

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