Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 soups in I don't know how many days...

Ha!  Well, it was 7 soups in 7 days.  Now I've lost track.  Work, out of town, hubby gone, birthday parties all equal not really sticking to a plan.  I finally made the chili I was talking about tonight for dinner.  Chris is at work tonight so I guess we'll eat it tomorrow too.

I have seen and experienced both sides of the coupon world.  I have done the "hit every store for the great deals" thing, and I have also spent time waaaaay mellowed out.. almost too much :)  I have now found such a nice medium to it all.  I stay in a comfortable budget.  It still challenges me, but it doesn't keep me running from store to store.  When you get a grasp on how to really use coupons to their fullest (i.e. only using them when the item is on sale, etc.), and even without coupons, only shop the sales, you can sort of live a lifestyle of savings without the "crazy" aspect.

With that said, I still got 8 boxes of Cheerios today for $0.49 a box with my coupons.  It was a deal I just couldn't pass up!  I didn't even have a cart and just piled them up in my arms like a dork.  I obviously didn't go in the store planning to buy 8 boxes of Cherrios. :)

Where are you in your food budget?  Tight?  Comfortable?  Still spending too much?  Its a journey, isn't it?  I think most of us here are women that are working the food budgets (no offense if there are some guys!)  As women, wives, moms- it is empowering to save money in the kitchen and on household needs.  It frees us up a little and most of all, gives us more money to pay down debt and funds to give away.  I love watching God work in my little ol' food budget, don't you?!

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  1. Great find on the Cheerios! I ate your tomato basil for the 2nd time tonight (froze 3 gallon ziplocks of it!!) I decided it was the large amount of garlic in your recipe that made it so good (and probably fresh tomatoes makes a big difference too). I had three bowls. Yummy. I put a lot more basil in it and also left the skins and seeds in and it was still really good, I thickened it a tiny bit with flour too. We'll have one more night of it. YAY for sharing your recipe. It's sad that tomato growing season is over :-( Julie Robinson