Sunday, October 17, 2010

7 Soups in 7 Days- Tomato Basil Success!

Day #2 was a success!  In case you didn't figure it out from the hint I gave at the end of the last post, I was roasting the last of our tomatoes from the garden to make a DELICIOUS (and mostly free) Tomato Basil Soup.  I got the recipe from a friend and it has changed my life.

My family still doesn't know I am attempting 7 soups in 7 days.  I probably would have heard some complaining by now if they knew that is what I was doing, but nothing yet :) They were "soup"er (sorry, couldn't resist) excited about the tomato basil soup... I also made grilled cheese to compliment it.  Its the end of tomato season, but you may still be able to get a good deal at your local farmers market!

Here's how to make the amazing Tomato Basil Soup (thanks Jennifer B!!)

21 tomatoes (or so)
7 cloves of garlic
4 cups (or so) chicken broth
3 basil leaves
salt to taste
dollop of sour cream to garnish

Wash, core and seed your tomatoes (I leave some seeds for texture, but not a ton) set in a roasting pan/casserole dish.  Put a peeled garlic clove in 1 out of every 3 or so tomatoes.  Drizzle olive oil over.  Roast on 350 for 45 minutes.  Let cool enough for you to handle and then peel each one and put into your food processor/blender.  Pour some of the juices from roasting in as well. Blend completely.  Put back on stove, add chicken broth, a few basil leaves and salt to taste.  Add sour cream dollop for garnish. YUM!!!

Tomorrow we're going to go the beef route to keep everyone happy... I bet they still won't notice what I'm doing! :)

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  1. Okay, I have to get rid of my garden tomatoes before they go bad and it's 11pm but it must be done the kids in bed and husband to help and am making a few batches to freeze. I wish the tomatoes would space themselves out and produce more in the beginning of the summer. I'm making tomato-basil, but not roasting, or de-seeding, just throwing them all in the food processor (no time or patience) when I process them long enough the skins don't seem noticeable, also using 1/2 cup basil (might be pretty strong!). I don't know if you can go wrong with tomato basil's just good! I love your 7 soups idea and so glad you have leftovers for when your husband is gone. Julie Robinson