Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Freezer Cooking Day- A Success!

Freezer Cooking day 2 (yesterday) was a success!!  I was so tired last night, I just couldn't finish the pita bread and corn tortillas.. not a biggie.  I was really happy with the things I did get finished though.  Its hard to get an exact read on the costs, but I estimated that everything I made below cost me a total of about $15 with my biggest expense being white and whole wheat flour... What an example of coupons and sales coming through for me!

I thought I'd post my final list and some pictures for fun.  Next time I'll do more of a cooking day that focused on really stocking my freezer with complete meals.

  • Pancake, Waffle and Cornbread Mixes
  • Pumpkin Bread- slice and freeze
  • 60 Flour Tortillas (these are amaaaazing!  I use oil instead of shortening and added a little baking powder)
  • 25 Corn Tortillas
  • 25 Bagels
  • Pizza Dough
  • Pita Bread
  • BBQ Chicken Calzones- I don't have any bacon, so won't be adding that
  • Chili- 3 meals This is an AWESOME recipe! 
  • Spaghetti Sauce- 3 meals
  • Chicken Tetrazzini
  • Baked Ziti (for meals for new moms)

I am always overloading my poor Kitchenaid.. I could definitely use a bigger one! (Saving those Swagbucks baby!)

That is some pretty bagel dough right there (in a HUGE bowl!)

Can you tell which bagel my children helped with?

Boiling bagels!

And now baked.. YUM.  My hubby said they are the best bagels he's ever had!

Putting my little baby tortillas down for a long nap...

Final count: 58.. my hubby was stationed at the 2 pans to help me get it done faster!


  1. I love feeling so inspired by you...and I do very much, ALWAYS feel inspired when you do these things you love!! THANK YOU for your sweet worship of God in practicing His presence every where you are!!

  2. I am reminded of Eileen Z. when I read this. She must have past along some good tips.